Trials Championships 2017 04/02/2017


Fifteen points are awarded for the first position in a trial, twelve points for second, etc., down to one point for tenth place. In the case of a tie at a trial the competitors in the tied position are each awarded the same points. Positions are based purely on penalties without regard to any tie breaking rule that may have been used on the day of the trial. Separately, class points are awarded for the five trials classes. Any member who is Clerk of the Course at a SVT, AVT or Modified vehicle trial, will be awarded twelve class points.

Championship Events


This is a series of 8 events where the best of 6 counts. Each event is hosted by an area rep in a different part of the country.  These trials will consist of 8 AVT sections and 8 5 gate sections, so consideration is needed when selecting the site to ensure the site is capable of supporting the 16 sections. This championship will be a similar format to other disciplines (Safari and Challenge) within the AWDC.  The national event which is hosted by an area rep will form part of their local series, so the drivers will receive points that will count for both the national and local championships.

The season for this event will remain January to November, with the drivers that accumulate the most points in each class, receiving the trophy for their respective class at the AGM.  There will also be a trophy going to the runner up of each class. 

A minimum of 4 events must be driven to qualify for the annual award.

The winner of this series will be known as the AWDC National Champion for the respective class.  The points will be collated by the trials co-ordinator and published on the website.

The Charles Mansell, the Russell Taunton and the RTV Trials Shields will be allocated to the appropriate new Class, following consultation with the original donors. Confirmation will be published as soon as it practicable.