The 2019 AWDC Safari Championship consists of 8 rounds staged at some of the UK's finest off-road venues. To find out more information about Comp Safaris click the link below

Challenge. The latest event of this type from the AWDC is the 'Driven to the Edge' Endurance Challenge. Click here for more info

Drive Rounds enable you to take your 4x4 off road in a non-competitive environment and are an ideal introduction to off-road driving. Suitable for all vehicles of all types

Trials take place at sites all around the country and enable you to test your driving skills on a wide variety of terrains. These are the ideal events to pit your 4x4 against other vehicles




The All Wheel Drive club was formed in 1968 to allow people to use their off road vehicles regardless of make or model

Next year marks our 50th Anniversary and we will celebrate being the largest all-makes off road club in the UK.

Club members organise events all year round to allow others to put their vehicles through their paces

All events are organised on private land and are permitted and insured by the Motorsport UK

Visitors and spectators are welcome at all events and there are no charges for admittance

If you own a 4x4 or other off-road vehicle and would like to take it off-road the best place to start is to visit one of our competition events, here you can learn how to enter a non-damaging event laid out that will familiarise you with your vehicle's and your own capabilities

If you are interested in competing in your vehicle the club offers a broad spectrum of disciplines including Trials, Challenge and Safaris. To find out more about each of these please follow the links to the right

Club members receive a full colour magazine every two months and a newsletter outlining forthcoming events each month

Please explore the rest of this site to find out more about the club and the benefits of becoming a member



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